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Welcome to atopia.



Atopia is the truly beautiful, value-driven metaverse for the arts. We make all your favourite museums, galleries, concert houses, operas and theatres immersively accessible for you on our platform - in VR or from your desktop. Socially, interactive and responsibly.

Berliner Festspiele
Kunsthalle Mannheim
Galerie Rüdiger Schöttle
Radialsystem Berlin
Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen
Gropius Bau Berlin
Galerie Lohaus Sominsky
Meta History Museum of War
Museum of Crypto Art
Münchner Symphoniker

Atopia creates fundamentally new cultural experiences...

Using the latest technologies, we offer a new way to experience art and culture - immersive, social, interactive and without boundaries.

... and makes them accessible to all

In our metaverse, you can explore the official virtual representations of world-leading museums, orchestras, galleries, operas or theatres from across the globe immersively in VR or on your PC.

Experience cultural institutions across the world in one place

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